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Wax Based Collapsible Mandrel

  • Solid propellants are widely used for rockets and missiles.

  • Complex grain geometry requires propellant machining. 

  • Machining is a slow, costly, hazardous and dangerous process.

  • Wax mandrel - simple design, non hazardous, can be casted/machined to any shape, reduces propellant realisation time and manufacturing cost.

  • Few hours of wax decoring time compared to up  to 30 days of machining time.


  • Mandrel of up to 2 meters in length and 300 mm in diameter have been realised.

  • Propellant quantity of up to 55 kg has been casted using wax mandrel.


Wax Based Hybrid Rocket

  • Combination of solid and liquid rocket.

  • Liquid oxidiser, solid fuel. 

  • Specific Impulse comparable to LOX-RP1 engine.

  • Less complex than a liquid rocket.

  • More safe and flexible than a solid rocket.

  • Sea level specific impulse of 300 s achieved. 

  • Can be made an earth storable system.


  • Grains up to 1.3 m in length and 300 mm in diameter have been realised.

  • Hybrid rocket up to 1 kN sea level thrust has been tested.

60 bar pressure and 1 kN thrust

60 bar pressure and 1.5 kN thrust

Low Temperature Gas Generator

  • Gas generator with temperatures as low as 150 ̊C for various defence and aerospace applications.

  • Simpler design.

  • Standalone system with no need of system like compressor or gas bottles.


  • Inflatable Decoys

    • Rapid deployment.

    • Standalone system.

  • UAV landing

    • Soft landing of fixed wing UAVs.

    • No need of runway.

    • Operational capability in all terrain.

  • Mid air restart of gas turbine engines.

  • Starting of small gas turbine engines which is currently done using compressed air.

  • Starting of turbo-pump system of a liquid rocket.

  • Recovery of test torpedoes.

60 lit Kevlar bag filling test for VSSC (ISRO)

Impulse Thruster

  • Ideal for short duration high thrust pulses.

  • Propellant with high density of 2100 kg/m3. 

  • Burn rate - 100 mm/s @ 80 bar.


  • For stability during initial launch phase of missile.

  • High manoeuvrability during endgame of air defence missile.


  • Developed a thruster with an average thrust of 5 kgf and duration of 0.1 second.

  • Thruster delivers a total impulse of 5 Ns.

Thruster body.jpg

HTPB Based Propellant

Solid Propellant

  • Both aluminised and non-aluminised HTPB based composite propellant.

  • Aluminised propellant – High density, High Isp (240-245 s).

  • Non-aluminised propellant – Reduced smoke, Isp (220-225 s).

  • High burn rate of up to 18 mm/s at 70 bar.

Fuel-rich Propellant

  • Low oxidiser loading, high metal loading.

  • Increased ramjet Isp.

  • High burn rate of around 8 mm/s at 70 bar.

Wired Propellant

  • Metal wire inclusion along the length in HTPB based propellant. 

  • Burn rate augmentation of 4-5 times compared to base propellant burn rate.

  • Possibility of making port burning into end burning grain (100% volumetric loading.

wired propellant1.jpg

Wear Additive Liner

  • To reduce barrel wear of artillery gun.

  • With our wax, operating temperature of over 65 ̊C is possible.

  • Increases barrel life/rate of fire.

  • More rounds can be fired from the same gun.

  • Half the cost of current liner.

  • Combines tin foil and liner into 1 part – ease in assembly.


Aluminum Based Igniter

  • Alternate to high cost BKNO3 igniter.

  • No compromise on the igniter performance.

  • Density, burn rate, pressure index and crushing load similar to BKNO3 igniter.

  • Calorific value 20% higher than BKNO3 igniter.

  • 3-4 times lower cost than BKNO3.  

  • No change in performance up on isothermal ageing at 60 ̊C for 25 days.


Gas Generator Cartridge

  • For separation bolts used in missiles and launch vehicles.

  • Reduced shock load compared to pyro cartridge. 

  • Shock reduction of up to 8 times compared to pyro cartridge has been achieved.

  • Reduced structural weight.

  • GG cartridge externally same as that of a pyro cartridge, same thread and electrical connections.

  • No change in current system for accommodating GG cartridge. 


Separation Bolt test using GG cartridge at ASL (DRDO), Hyderabad

Wing deployment using GG cartridge at JSR Dynamics, Nagpur

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