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Our Team

Dr. Nikunj Rathi

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Founder & Director

Trained as a Mechanical Engineer in his bachelors and a year's stint in automobile production, Nikunj started RAL upon completion of his PhD in Ramjet Propulsion. He has a wide research base with expertise in solid propellant, fuel-rich propellant and hybrid rocket. From the very starting of his research career he was involved with DRDO & ISRO and has seen his research from system application point of view. He has experience in  execution of multiple research project and has guided multiple masters students during his doctoral research. His do it yourself attitude and constant innovation mindset has led him to develop various products of RAL.


Dr. PA Ramakrishna


Professor, Aerospace Department, IIT Madras

A doctoral graduate of IISc Bangalore, he is currently working as a Professor in the Department of Aerospace, IIT Madras. With over 15 years of research experience, his expertise includes combustion, ramjet propulsion, hybrid and solid propellant combustion, underwater and UAV propulsion and computational prediction of solid propellant combustion.


R Siddharth

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Propulsion Engineer

After pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, Siddharth discovered his passion for Rocket Propulsion while working at a consulting company. He later joined the master’s program at IIT Madras, to pursue a specialization in Solid and Hybrid rockets. During his tenure at IIT Madras, he gained experience as a researcher by conducting individual research studies and worked hand in hand with a team of experts for projects of national importance. He has expertise in design, development and testing of operational Solid and Hybrid rocket prototypes and the development and testing of different propellant compositions as per system requirement. He comes across as an enthusiastic and responsible researcher with a passion for exploring and understanding Rocket Propulsion systems which makes him a valuable asset to RAL.


Mohammed Waseem I

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Propulsion Engineer

During his bachelor's programme he was a technical volunteer & student ambassador for an UAV based R&D company, and he trained students of other colleges in drone fabrication and programming. After the completion of his bachelor's degree he joined RAL as a Propulsion Engineer and as an expeditious researcher he is involved in R&D for the several products of RAL.


Anirudh Sharma B

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Propulsion Engineer

An enthusiastic Aerospace Engineering graduate who started his career as a design engineer in a drone manufacturing company, Anirudh joined RAL with an interest in rocket propulsion. During his bachelor’s, he worked on Rocket injectors which motivated him to work in the rocketry field. He is quite flexible to do the work with full passion and gives his cent percent to learning new things. Goodwill and self-confidence made him a propulsion engineer in this company.


Thivakar A

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Propulsion Engineer

As an aeronautical engineering graduate, Thivakar developed his passion towards aerospace propulsion based products and testing which started from his UG project. He joined RAL to make his track on the aerospace industry. As a beginner, he is making his contribution towards various products of RAL leading to personal as well as company's growth.

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